Customer Service

Website Subscriptions - Paid by Card

Login Issues

If you're unable to login, and have checked your login details, please contact us giving as much detail as possible including your payment type and username.

If you can't get into your VueCall account, you can use the reset password service.

Billing Issues & Cancellations

The method will differ, depending on which payment method you used:-

VXS via VueCall (including VIP)

You should login to your VueCall account and go the the 'My Account' tab on the VueCall player (which is on the 'LIVE' page). There, under 'subscriptions' you will see your active subscriptions/memberships, which includes the facility to cancel.

VXS Direct

If you joined directly via VXS, you can unsubscribe using the VXS support page here.


All CCBill billing related issues, including cancellations are carried out via CCBill Customer Support. Cancelling a CCBill subscription will immediately stop rebills but you will still be able to access the website until the end of your subscription period.

If you have other queries relating to a website subscription, please contact our Customer Service team either by phone or by Email as listed at the bottom right of this page.

Technical Issues

All website-specific enquires of a technical nature should come to our technical team at These include notifying us of any bugs you find or any other specific difficulties you have, whether in the free or members portion of the site. REMEMBER TO INCLUDE YOUR USERNAME IN ALL ENQUIRIES.

Website Subscriptions - Paid by Mobile

To end your membership subscription, text STOP to either 64055 if you joined before 29th April 2015 or to 62442 if you joined after that date, from the mobile phone that is being charged. Your membership access will remain active until the end of the billing period.

If you're not certain when you subscribed, we'd recommended a separate STOP to each.

Mobile Services and Phone Chat Service

Our mobile services are operated by Fonix in association with Studio66 TV. The customer support helpline is 0333 321 8894 or support can be reached via Email at

You may receive up to 7 reverse billed messages by opting in to our services at £1.50 each, TO OPT OUT text STOP to 89998, 89900 or 65500 (depending on what short code you have been using).